pyanimenc becomes pyhenkan

New name, new icon, new website, a lot has been going on in my pet project. Back when I started, I had only begun learning Python and had written close to nothing except shell scripts. Since then I got my first job in IT as Java developer and learned about objects, which led me to rewrite almost all of my code to use them.

Changes include:

  • analyze input files using pymediainfo
  • treat files, tracks, codecs and VapourSynth plugins as objects
  • switch to using ffmpeg exclusively instead of dedicated binaries for each codec
  • video pixel format and color matrix manipulation
  • audio channel and sample rate conversion
  • automatically trim audio when video is trimmed (only works with CFR videos)
  • add a preview to the script creator
  • add notifications using libnotify


  • add codecs, containers and plugins upon request
  • ditch vspipe and load vapoursynth directly to feed ffmpeg
  • use pointers to preview directly instead of generating temporary images

If like me you miss MeGUI or StaxRip on Linux, feel free to give pyhenkan a spin and let me know what you think!