Pantheon update

Been a while since I wrote anything about Pantheon, or about anything at all, and I feel the latest changes are worth mentioning.

It is happening, the nice devs over at eOS have begun ditching Ayatana indicators in favor of their in-house indicators. The new wingpanel-rewrite-x11-bzr and all currently available wingpanel-indicator-*-bzr are already up on the usual repo. Apart from weird icon sizes in the panel, it already works quite good. I am one step closer to bringing Pantheon in our [community] repository.

New wingpanel
New wingpanel

In the meantime, more switchboard plugs have popped here and there, replacing gnome-control-center entirely will soon be possible. The latest addition is the network plug, I still need to patch it to use iproute2 instead of net-tools, but all in all it is working fine.

You might have noticed that the MantisBT bug tracker is gone. After several weeks of hunting CVS after CVS, I decided that it would be safer to avoid this whack-a-mole game. Please report any issue on GitHub instead.

Finally, I have been working on a nice little page for my unofficial repositories, using the timeless Arch Linux look and feel. I plan to add a package description column, and maybe highlight out-of-date/unbuildable packages and provide a link to the build log for you to know what is going on. Note that the page is completely static and generated by some python magic after each nightly build.

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