Steam Native Runtime

Dear Arch Linux users,

After nurturing it for several months in the AUR, Levente Polyak (a.k.a. anthraxx) and I finally got to promoting the native steam runtime in [community] and [multilib] as an optdep of steam.

pacman -Syu steam-native-runtime

You should notice additional steam-native executable and desktop files in the steam package with which you give the new runtime a spin.

Please note that it is not complete yet, if one of your games doesn’t start using the native runtime, don’t panic! Try launching it in a terminal and file a bug report containing the output you get. We will make sure your game starts in no time.

In any case, this should solve many issues you might have had in the past, and overall it is a cleaner solution to using the included runtime.

Who said unsupported distros couldn’t have the best possible steam?